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Information about trailer hitches

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Rouse's is a distributor and installer of trailer hitches, driveshaft disconnect systems, tow bars and accessories. We also sell bike racks hitch hauls and many other hitch related products such as utility trailers.

Flatbed Trailer rentals are available for your needs. Use our "Contact Us" form or call us at our number below for additional information.

The most important consideration when purchasing a trailer hitch is what kind of weight you will be towing or for what reason you would like to purchase a trailer hitch (bike rack or another accessory). The next step is to know the weight limitations of your tow vehicle.

Trailer hitches are designed as a one piece welded unit and are specific for each vehicle. For the most part there is no such thing as a universal hitch.
The hitches are rated by tongue weight and weight carrying capacity. Today many people are looking for easier methods to transport bicycles and other types of cargo. For this reason the trailer hitch industry has continued to develop trailer hitches to fit almost any vehicle on the road.

Motor Home Considerations

Motor home vacations are becoming more common than ever before. You now can tow your vehicle behind your motor home with very little effort. There are driveshaft disconnect systems, lube pump systems, and tow bars available for many cars today. The advantage in this is you do not have to deal with storage of a trailer or tow dolly when you reach your destination.


Many weight carrying sizes are available from 14,000 lbs. to over 25,000 lbs. These hitches are mounted to the truck frame and are inside the bed of the truck.